The place Did Stonehenge And Easter Island Come From?

Stonehenge is a megalithic monument on the Salisbury Plain in England, about 85 miles southwest of London. It consists of a ditch and financial institution surrounding large stones — many weighing between one and forty five tons — arranged in circle and horseshoe patterns, together with a lane connecting it to the nearby River Avon. Construction began round three,000 B.C. and continued until about 1,a hundred B.C.

Sadly, the individuals who constructed Stonehenge didn’t leave much evidence of why they built this huge structure. So writers and researchers by means of the ages have pondered the stones and come up with their own tales about this prehistoric creation.

The most typical theories recommend Stonehenge is an astronomical calendar, a religious site, or a combination of the 2. From John Aubrey in the seventeenth century to William Stukeley in the 18th century to Sir J. Norman Lockyer and Gerald Hawkins within the 20th century, students have found that the position of Stonehenge’s earthworks and stones coincides with solstices and cycles of the moon. However these scholars have interpreted this data in a different way.

Early theorists believed the Celtic priesthood known as the Druids built Stonehenge as a temple, but there are no data of Druids current in the same time interval that Stonehenge was created. Nevertheless, different historical peoples might have constructed Stonehenge as a temple that marked the solstices as holy days.

Rapa Nui — christened “Easter Island” by Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen as a result of he first arrived there on Easter Day in 1722 — is one of the distant inhabited places on Earth. It is 2,300 miles from Chile and 2,500 miles from Tahiti. The nearest land is Pitcairn Island (population 54) about 1,four hundred miles away. The island was colonized by Chile in the late nineteenth century and remains a Chilean possession. In Chile, the official title for the island is Isla de Pascua, and the islanders call it both Rapa Nui and Te Pito te Henua (the navel of the world).
Except for its isolation, Easter Island is best known for the large stone heads known as moai that dot the otherwise barren panorama. Almost 900 moai exist, and so they common thirteen feet tall and almost 14 tons in weight. They had been in all probability erected between 1400 and 1600 Ad. Most researchers believe the moai represent essential ancestors, such as chiefs. It does not appear that the statues had been worshipped, but they might have acted as spiritual conduits between the individuals and their gods.

Sadly, little of the tradition that created the moai stays. Between 1600 and 1722, the island’s population decreased dramatically. Evidence suggests that deforestation and soil depletion result in food shortages, causing the population lower.

After European contact, Easter Island’s historical past took a good darker flip. Peruvian slavers kidnapped about one-third of the island’s population within the mid-nineteenth century. These slavers additionally brought smallpox to the Rapa Nui folks. In 1888, Chile claimed possession of Easter Island. Later, a Chilean business turned the island into a Stone Island Jackets sheep ranch. Native islanders had been handled like prisoners, and it wasn’t until 1916 that the corporate’s rule was overthrown.

The Chilean Navy took management of Rapa Nui in 1952, and, as soon as once more, islanders have been subject to autocratic controls. Islanders secured the appropriate to vote for their governors by a revolt in 1964, and the army affect diminished. Mid Some navy sites remained — the United States built a monitoring station within the 1960s and later expanded the island’s airport runway as an emergency landing strip for the area shuttle.

Mens Stone Island Hoodie Black CottonImmediately, Easter Island has a inhabitants of several thousand folks. Agriculture, cattle ranching, fishing, artwork, and tourism are the main industries. Flights from Santiago, Chile, land on a regular basis.

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