The Memory Code: The Secrets and techniques Of Stonehenge, Easter Island And Different Ancient Monuments

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Using conventional Aboriginal Australian track strains as a place to begin, Dr. Lynne Kelly has since identified the powerful memory approach used by our ancestors and indigenous individuals all over the world. In flip, she has then found that this historic memory method is the key objective behind the great prehistoric monuments like Stonehenge, which have puzzled archaeologists for so lengthy The henges throughout northern Europe, the elaborate stone houses of recent Mexico, huge animal shapes in Peru, the statues of Easter Island–these all serve as the most effective reminiscence system ever invented by people. Stone They allowed folks in non-literate cultures to memorize the huge quantities of information they wanted to survive. However how For the primary time, Dr. Klly unlocks the key of those monuments and their uses as “memory places” in her fascinating Stone Island Online guide. Additionally, The Reminiscence Code also explains how we can use this historic mnemonic technique to practice our minds within the tradition of our forbearers.

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