Stone Island’s Journey From 80s Soccer Casuals To Today’s Hip Hop Megastars

How do you feel in regards to the greater exposure the brand’s getting by means of affiliation with Drake?

There’s undoubtedly a massive divide between Stone Island fanatics who assume this is a good or a nasty thing. For [Stone Island proprietor] Carlo Rivetti and his groups perspective they must be delighted to be opening stores in LA and New York due to Drake jumping on the model. I don’t think the likes of Drake, Travis Scott and Lil Yachty carrying the brand should be seen as a unfavourable.

Although you’re loyal to the brand, what other labels are you rocking in the mean time?

Stone Island Ribbed Standing Collar Button Placket Sweater BlackIn fact, I can’t depart my yard except I’m draped in Stone Island, but I additionally really like Maharishi, a model that makes environmentally sound utilitarian clothes, and a model known as Craig Green that make beautiful jackets and vests. And just lately I’ve really bought right into a German brand called A Type of Guise. Official I’ve copped fairly a couple of of their summer shirts lately.

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