Stone Island X Supreme

So i simply ordered not too long ago from Aliexpress the supreme x stone island black crewnext collab, off Kenny su, who didn’t reply to me once i asked him for some footage lol. guess he is busy.

Then i just thought why not it was solely $45 (£22 at the time) and to be honest the delivery was surprisingly quick, i ordered it on boxing day and it got here in 10 days from China to the UK

First, the quality. Excellent, i used to be pleasantly surprised at the standard of this jumper after hearing some vital stuff about Kenny Su and its fits true to dimension, he has a M L and XL, mabye they fit a bit of small (1-1.5cm) Anyway the fleecey/fur inside was actually heat and the outer felt superb.

now the authenticity, the tag on the neck is amazing, and just about precise to the real factor, this appears to be the only tag on the whole jumper too and not that i do know the true thing only has one. No sizing information. The jumper comes with two pockets and the buttons are the primary giveaway, ought to say Stone island and be black plastic, rather than say ‘Sup’ and being a metal wash.

Then the arm logo(s) the supreme along the arm is basically good and the correct font and all the pieces, even appropriate positioning.

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However, most likely the one flaw on this product was the Stone Island patch on the side of the arm. First did not have the stone island buttons to hold the badge, probably not stunned, but the badge itself was pretty horrible haha, so i threw it out and ordered a real one off ebay for around $eleven which remains to be on it’s approach. It’s also possible to go as far as ordering stone island buttons for the badge on the arm for less than around $5 and even push buttons for the pockets ($9). So to conclude, its an important high quality jumper that may easily be handed as actual ( if you purchase a normal patch).

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