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Time Tangled Island Walkthrough

Garment-dyed Cotton Satin Trousers In OliveTime-Tangled Island is a extremely enjoyable journey on Poptropica. The basic idea is to journey to totally different durations of time and “fix” the long run by finding completely different objects which have been misplaced and then positioned within the flawed time period. You begin sooner or later after which can journey to totally different time periods utilizing a special time travel device. You possibly can travel through time in any order you like, however it’s probably easiest to go in order around the compass both clockwise or counter-clockwise (it doesn’t matter which path you go.)

Video Walkthrough

Here’s the entire video walkthrough for Time Tangled Island, in two parts.

The Arrival
You will arrive on a seaside. Walk to the best and there can be a building that says Occasion Time Tower. This is a multi-participant room. To do this journey, carry on strolling. There’s a crying lady standing outdoors of a constructing called, Pendulum’s Lab. Click on her and she is going to tell you about your mission. When she goes into the building, follow her inside.

Walk to the right till you see the lady once more. Talk to her again. Now she gives you a mission printout you could learn in your objects inventory. If you want to study extra about the longer term Machine, discuss to the man that’s carrying glasses and an apron.

To energy up the future Machine, go left and down to seek out the facility supply. Push it collectively by strolling in direction of it till it closes to activate it.

The longer term
Walk back to the door of the long run Machine, which will likely be pulsing blue, and click on on it to enter. The longer term will probably be in ruins. You will meet yourself but 50 years older in the future. Speak to future you and you’ll get a special time journey system that appears like a golden stopwatch. There will also be an indication sooner or later that claims:

It wasn’t alleged to be this fashion! One thing happened prior to now that ruined mankind’s future. Can you turn again the arms of time and make things proper ”

Tips and Assist
While you finish serving to everybody, return into the longer term. Use the hover tube and monorails to get to your future self’s SkyHome. There, discuss to your future self and they will give you the Time Twisted Island Medal.

Time Periods
– 2009 Advert – LAB – Foremost Street
– 0328 BC – man in golden armor – Ancient Greece
– 0831 Ad – man in Viking go well with – Vikings
– 1387 Advert – lady with pink turban – Mali Empire
– 1516 Advert – bearded man – Da Vinci’s Workshop
– 1519 Advert – man with headdress – Aztec Empire
– 1593 Advert – armored Asian man – Great Wall of China
– 1776 Ad – man with black hat – The Graff Home
– 1805 Ad – man with beaver cap – Lewis and Clark
– 1877 Ad – younger man – Edison’s Workshop
– 1882 Ad – French man – Statue of Liberty
– 1953 Advert – man in blue hoodie – Mount Everest

Who Wants What
– Ancient Greece: Golden Vase
– Vikings: Thor’s Amulet
– Mali Empire: Salt Rocks
– Da Vinci’s Workshop: Notebook
– Aztec Empire: Solar Stone Piece
– Nice Wall of China: Stone Bowl
– The Graff House: Declaration of Independence
– Lewis and Clark: Peace Medal
– Edison’s Workshop: Phonograph
– Statue of Liberty: Statue Model
– Mount Everest: Climbing Goggles

Where Things Are
– Climbing Goggles: Within the Aztec Empire, and a guard is wearing them, the guard will give them to you if you’re wearing the Warrior’s Mask( see last list).
– Statue Mannequin: The very top peak of Mount Everest you can get to.
– Phonograph: On top of the treasury building( the guards are standing in entrance of it) in Historic Greece. You must climb up onto the building that the Oracle(an individual) is in. It helps to have the Glider when getting it( see final listing).
– Peace Medal: Hanging on the pulley system in Da Vinci’s Workshop. First climb onto the middle platform, making the top one come nearer so you may bounce on it. Get on the highest platform, you’ll go down but the bottom platform will come out. Jump onto the underside platform and from there jump and try to touch the shiny silver circle. If you touch it, then you’ve got the Peace Medal.
– Declaration of Independence: In the Mali Empire( be careful for snakes) there shall be a spot called “Timbuktu Inn”. A doc service provider is in there. Piece together a puzzle for him to get the Declaration of Independence.
– Stone Bowl: Go to Lewis and Clark’s campsite. There might be a tree that has the phrases “Clark was here” lower into it. Climb the tree and look ahead to a beaver to return out, he has the bowl on his head.
– Solar Stone Piece: On top of Edison’s Workshop. Go to the left and leap on the automobile. Click on the circle-thingy that lights up and the car will go and stop under the tree. Climb up the tree and onto the home.
– Notebook: Go to the Statue of Liberty. Climb so your on the very prime platform of the wood stilts. Bounce to your left. You’ll land on a ledge. The Notebook is on the ledge below that.
– Salt Rocks: In the event you go to the Graff Home and climb the tree, then leap onto the roof, they are in a bag right there.
– Thor’s Amulet: Go to the great Wall of China and cross the construction zone. A man can be wearing the amulet. For those who beat him in a reminiscence recreation he will give it to you.
stone island womens wear – Golden Vase: That is most undoubtedly the toughest. Go to the great Wall of China and choose up a barrel of explosives. Go to the place the Vikings are and climb onto the primary cliff. Click on the rock-pile and run. It should blow up. Pick up the torch and go inside. You solely have a short time earlier than your torch goes out to find the vase. It may also go out in case you step in water.
– Clothes You can get:
– Warrior’s Mask: Within the Aztec Empire there is an old warrior who wants to retire. Talk to him and he’ll give his mask to you.
– The Glider: Da Vinci gives it to you whenever you give him his notebook.
– The Viking Go well with: It’s laying on the second cliff the place the Vikings are, use the Glider to get there.

Particular Tip: The Viking Cave
Considered one of the hardest elements of Time Tangled island is the inside of the cave in the Viking space. When you enter the cave, you only have about 30 seconds till your torch flickers out. Since you can solely see part of the way, there’s not loads of room for error. But here’s an excellent cheat: the entire map of the inside of the cave. Comply with this path to get all the way down to the underside shortly, where you’ll find the Golden Vase, which you have to return to Greek Times.

Here is the path to follow when you are inside the Viking Cave on Time Tangled Island.
Trivia: Time Twisted Island

Do you know that the original name of Time Tangled Island was Time Twisted Island In the earliest days of Poptropica, the map contained an image of the island and the title was Time Twisted Island. There was even a logo made for it stone island womens wear and it mentioned, Coming Quickly. When the island was released, the title was modified to Time Tangled Island.

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