Stone Island Retrospective

Garment-dyed Cotton Satin Trousers In Grey

The form and details of the garment have been intentionally designed in a retro fashion as a way to create contrast with the modernity of the reflective supplies. The hood is lined in khaki colours wool with parallel stripes, a element harking back to army blankets. The exterior antiqued reflective fabric—composed of a cotton Batavia with a waxed-like coating made up of thousands of glass microspheres—has a robust capability to mirror even the weakest light sources and is enhanced by a color patina that is particularly evident within the folds of the garment. The results of this patina provides the piece with a three dimensional history look. The inside options a detachable lining in microfiber quilted to a skinny polyester padding. The lining is attached to the outer garment utilizing a system of rope-like ties, adapted from the Stone Island Sale sailing world. The standard Stone Island badge features white embroidery—a element reserved for garments which might be made using superior analysis into its fabrics and processes.

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