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Stone Island Shadow Project Reversible Big Loom Jacquard Jacket (Navy)

No brand places a firmer belief in technical innovation than Stone Island. Knitwear Every piece created seems to push the boundaries of what we have now stone island puffa coat cheap come to stone island puffa coat cheap expect from technical apparel, progressing further with every season.

Garment-dyed Cotton Satin Trousers In Black

The Shadow Venture Large Loom Jaquard Jacket comes in a reversible Stone Island Jumpers Jackets format. It has been engineered on particular machines which allow each area of the textile to be designed to a specific graphic requirement, permitting for rich contrasts in each texture and color. Its nylon and cotton fibres have undergone a double garment dye bath which then work in confluence with the yarn dyed polyester, leading to an abundant tapestry that emits incomparable colours.

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