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The Eilean Mor Mystery

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The Eilean Mor Thriller
Up to date on July 14, 2016 Patrick Bernauw moreContact Author Considered one of my favourite historic mysteries is the disappearance of the lighthouse keepers of Eilean Mor (or Eilan More) – that means “Huge Island” in Gaelic. Autumn With its 39 acres, Eilean Mor is the biggest of the Flannan Isles, rising 288 toes above the Atlantic Ocean, on the west coast of Scotland. It was here that in 1895 a 75 foot excessive lighthouse was constructed, since 1899 sending out a warning beam to sailors 25 miles out at sea. In 1971 the light was automated, replacing the three-man crew stationed there to tend the 140,000 candlepower lamp. Seventy years earlier, this crew of the Eilean Mor lighthouse, had been on the centre of the perfect mystery…

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Storm ended, sea calm, God is over all…
On December 15, 1900, the steamer SS Archer noted that the sunshine was not operational. Captain Holman reported the outage by wireless to the Cosmopolitan Line Steamers headquarters, but CLS didn’t notify the authorities. Local residents also had observed that the light had stopped burning.

Three males have been working within the lighthouse of Eilean Mor: James Ducat, Donald McArthur and Thomas Marshall. The weather being very bad, it took the common relief ship Hesperus 12 days before it might make the crossing to analyze what had happened on the deserted island. Observing that the usual relief flag was not flying and the touchdown was empty, the captain sounded the whistle and shot a signal flare – with none response. Relief keeper Joseph Moore then rowed ashore in the dinghy. It was December 27, 1900.

Moore discovered the gate and the skin door to the keepers’ quarters closed, while contained in the kitchen door was open. The lighthouse was perfectly calm, with the lamps ready to be lit and a half eaten meal of salted mutton and potatoes on the kitchen desk. An upturned chair lay on the floor alongside the desk. The fireplace was cold, the clock had stopped. And there was no hint of James Ducat, Thomas Marshall or Donald McArthur.

Moore returned with four members of the crew of the Hesperus to conduct a full investigation. His team found that Ducat and Marshall should have left the lighthouse absolutely kitted-out in opposition to the elements: their sets of oilskins and boots have been missing, along with a toolbox. The third set of oilskins, belonging to McArthur, was nonetheless hanging on the hook.

The west touchdown had been hit by bad weather, with iron railings being bent and a life buoy ripped from its mountings. A stone weighing over a ton had been displaced… however there was nonetheless no hint of the lighthouse keepers, no sign of what may have occurred to them. The shouts of Moore and his men reverberated eerily throughout the rock and the Hesperus’ foghorn boomed out repeatedly over the sea, without any reply.

The final entries in the log had been mysterious and puzzling:
Dec 12th: Gale north by northwest. Sea lashed to fury. By no means seen such a storm. Waves very excessive. Tearing at lighthouse. Everything shipshape. James Ducat irritable. (Later): Storm nonetheless raging, wind steady. Stormbound. Can not go out. Ship passing sounding foghorn. May see lights of cabins. Ducat quiet. McArthur crying.

Dec thirteenth: Storm continued by evening. Wind shifted west by north. Ducat quiet. McArthur praying. (Later:) Noon, grey daylight. Me, Ducat and McArthur prayed.

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On December 14th there was no entry and on December fifteenth there was solely this single last line: “Storm ended, sea calm, God is over all.”

A telegram was despatched to the Northern Lighthouse Board Office: “A dreadful accident has occurred at Flannans… The three keepers have disappeared, there was no signal of life to be seen on the island.”

The Highland News ran the headline: “Flannan Islands Disaster: One other Mystery of the Deep!”
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Investigators had been puzzled as to what had terrified the men. On the island of Lewis, less than 20 miles away, there had been no storms of any kind during these days in mid December. Ducat had over 20 years of lighthouse expertise and Marshall and McArthur were seasoned mariners.

All kinds of explanation have been put forward. Some of the wilder theorists have claimed that the man were seized by a big fowl, octopus or squid… or they flip the Flannan Isles tragedy right into a UFO abduction case. Others thought one of many men had gone mad, killing the others before throwing himself into the sea. Maybe they ate one thing that drove them out of their minds; there were rumours that a strange “seaweed” was found.

The Fairwin was in the realm on the night that the light had gone out and the crew said they had seen “a ghostly longboat”; the three men who the place rowing the boat have been dressed in heavy raingear and had faces with “the color of bone”. The crew of the Fairwin known as out to the men in the boat and blasted the horn, but there came no reply.

This story fueled the already existing perception that Eilean Mor was haunted. The Flannan Islands had been marked by superstition from the time they were named for the obscure Saint Flan. It was said that the “Phantoms of the Seven Hunters” so resented the intrusion of the lighthouse that they lured the men over the cliff to their loss of life…

As a matter of truth, Ducat did not want to be stationed at Eilean Mor. He appeared to have had some sort of a premonition and mentioned it was “not the most suitable place for a man with a young household”. To outlive on the island, the lighthouse keepers were required to boost and slaughter their own sheep and poultry, catch their very own fish and develop their very own vegetables. That they had not a lot contact with the mainland, and with three men confined to small quarters for prolonged intervals, personalities indeed can clash.

The last person had left the quarters in a rush, however had taken the time to shut the surface door and the gate. Ducat had noted with chalk on a slate the weather circumstances, state of supplies, barometric and thermometer readings, and the time of extinguishing the light: December 15, by dawn. That morning’s routine duties had all been carried out, so it appeared that doom befell the keepers in the late forenoon, earlier than lunch time.

The investigators concluded that it was McArthur who left in a rush, knocking over the chair, after Ducat and Marshall had gone out to test the safety of the gear on the west touchdown. It was potential that McArthur observed a series of distinctive waves approaching. He dashed out to warn Ducat and Marshall… and all three men were washed out to sea.

But, in such a violent storm, would three skilled keepers have ventured outside… for any reason at all A lighthouse should not be left unmanned… and if McArthur run out in an emergency, why did he then botter to shut the door and the gate Furthermore, the furious gale that was pounding the Flannan Islands on December twelfth and 13th had calmed considerably on the 14th. On the other hand, rogue waves a number of feet high following Atlantic storms weren’t uncommon…

Amidst all these mysteries, one factor is sure: 70 years passed with out further incident, till in 1971 the sunshine was automated and there was no want anymore for lighthouse keepers…

Vanishings: The Missing Lighthouse Keepers
Eilean Mor – Eilean Mor get directions
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sendingGiulia 2 years in the past

There is an article in Italian about this mistery here:…

THE Guy BEHIND U 3 years in the past

WOW 3 years in the past
So creepy but cool

Diana 4 years ago
they went mad and tried to swim away sinking to the underside of the ocean resting at the underside unaffected by waves

luke four years ago
i believe they resorted to cannibalism

I’ve seen them it might have gobbled them up in a single. Gobble goble gobble!!
Deano 5 years ago

They were eaten by a big ocean going turkey I believe.
anonim 5 years ago

There is no such thing as a mistery, no unusual space dimensions, no alien abduction or different things.
They had been simply washed away.

Attila 6 years ago
Sadly, the actual story is that there was no half-eaten meal and these unusual log entries are simply invented. Evidence of a storm and an attempt to retrieve broken gear indicated that the males have been merely concerned in an accident and were washed off the rock. This was the official verdict and males had been quite completely happy to man the sunshine thereafter. These hyped stories of mundane however tragic occasions really do take away from real mysteries that are few and much between. Another good instance is the Mary Celeste. Again no half-eaten meals simply an accident. The Mary Celeste was simply certainly one of many vessels that have been found completely abandoned in the days of sail. There have been a number of abandoned in the same year as the Mary Celeste however they weren’t picked up by a press that loved to paint a thriller the place none existed.

AuthorPatrick Bernauw 6 years in the past from Flanders (Belgium)
@dylan: I’ve written some true “Irish ghost stories”, yes… However it all depends: do I’ve the time to write down a story… and does this true story really thrills me

dylan 6 years ago
fascinating account on the lighthouse thriller i used to be questioning do you do irish thriller storys

mr koook 6 years ago
very fascinating

kris 7 years in the past
I’m so into mysteries. However this one is the very best and I think maybe some one had abducted them. I do know I could be weird and all but I like this story and its higher than the bermuda triangle. No lie. I really need to right here extra about this thriller. I think some time I ought to go and take a look at this mysterious islandm Actually I ought to. Me and a gaggle of my greatest associates ought to go someday. It would be actually enjoyable!

adorababy 7 years ago from Syracuse, NY
That is a type of urban legends that by no means dies out.

magnoliazz 7 years ago from Wisconsin
One other thought frightening hub!

Pachuca213 7 years ago
I just had to read this one once more….It caught my eye. This was such an fascinating tale. One nice thriller certainly.

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago
Terrific story! I enjoy an excellent mystery, particularly a true thriller. Thank you for your positive writing and creation of suspense.

pmccray 7 years in the past from Utah
That is my first peek at certainly one of your hubs. This one is fasinating. Wanting ahead to studying others.

Chris Stonecipher and Friends 7 years ago
I really like this article. Your historic mystery writings are always interesting and that i sit up for reading every one. I often have a cup of scorching tea while studying your articles.

Joy K. 7 years ago
The lighthouse keepers on the Bahamian island of Great Isaac Cay additionally disappeared mysteriously in 1969. Nice Isaac would not have nearly the elevation of Eilean Mor. I saw wave-driven debris on its highest point, so I can simply imagine somebody being swept utterly off the island.

Nemingha 7 years ago
I too had by no means heard of this one and I’ve been to Scotland and the island of Lewis. Great story!

Lauren 7 years ago
Thanks Patrick. You at all times have a new story to tell.

JJ 7 years ago
WOW..I never had heard about this earlier than. How I do love your thriller hubs so much! Thanks for telling us about it.

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