Stone Island

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Where Can I Buy Stone Island Clothes In New York

Im sorry to must rain in your parade however Stone Island has been massive in football hooliganism for the reason Stone Island Shop that 1990’s. CP was the unique model however then got here Stone Island.

If you son needs to look sensible then wearing Stone Island is not the way. Get him some good Hugo Boss shirts or Armani Trade for instance.

Should you son was to show up at a soccer sport in Stone Island, then he would stone island ghost jacket white appear like a thug and other people would suppose he was part of a ‘agency’ – this could land him in scorching water, even so far as to say getting jumped.

Do not simply take my phrase for it, do a google search on Stone Island and Soccer Hooligans, there you can see a lot more reference to it.

Im not having a go, simply friendly advice, I definitely wouldn’t let my son wear Stone Island for this reason. There are lots of alternate options.