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Secrets Of Extinct Cape Cod Tribe

Journey and Locations
Secrets of Extinct Cape Cod Tribe
Up to date on June 24, 2017 Invoice Russo moreContact Writer Princess Scargo and the Nobscussets
by Bill Russo

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Lower than a mile from Corporation Beach in Dennis Village, the place tens of millions of vacationers have lounged on the sandbars and swum in the salty waters; is a spot of solitude and secrecy that scarcely greater than a number of hundred guests come upon throughout their Cape Cod Vacation.

It’s the ancient burial grounds of the extinct Nobscusset Tribe which vanished a short while after 1620 when the European ‘Pilgrims’ arrived. There aren’t any headstones or markers within the place of interment, which is enclosed by iron bars firmly embedded in granite posts.

There is no such thing as a road to the grave site and barely an indication to level the way in which. A single slate marker at a wide area between posts is the only means a casual observer would know the true objective of the shady grove.

At first glance, a visitor sees solely a lush carpet of pine needles to stroll upon and a row of tall hemlocks that seem to face over the world like robust, young braves armed with bows and crudely made arrows.

Gradually an eclectic mix of pottery, beads, piles of change, just a few pale dollar bills, hats, and different sundry objects seem to materialize from nowhere. They’re gifts left by sojourners to honor the princess and her bygone band of warriors and squaws.

These trinkets, the burial ground, and the lake they overlook, are almost all that is left of Princess Scargo and her individuals.

The one other factor that remains, is the LEGEND OF SCARGO: which can be introduced on this story. It is from the e book, The Ghosts of Cape Cod by Invoice Russo, on Amazon and Kindle.

The grave-site is hard to seek out and value the hassle.
By the Arboreal Arch and into the Glade
The Arboreal Arch is off of Route 6A, however for most vacationers and even locals, the precise location stays a mystery. At the top of the story, I will listing clear directions for those who want to visit this serene, mystical, and spiritual location.

After traversing the Aboreal Arch you will be on the entrance to the burial grounds.
The glade is simply off The Outdated King’s Freeway
{“lat”:Forty one.742989,”lng”:-70.182709,”zoom”:15,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:[]} Princess Scargo’s Lake of Tears
Have you ever heard of the legend of Princess Scargo

See results The Legend of the Lake
I never felt any ghostly presence at the burial ground. No cold spots, no eerie noises, and no ethereal braves or squaws. What I did encounter, and that i believe you’ll too, is a peaceful and heat feeling. This silent oasis close to a few of Cape Cod’s busiest beaches, lends itself perfectly to meditation and relaxation.
As for Scargo Lake itself, I’ve had one or two things occur there, that will not qualify as paranormal, however were odd. I’ll get into that after I relate the legend of Scargo Lake and the Princess for which it is named.

The most Lovely Lady in the Recognized World
The story starts about 100 years after Columbus and his crew stumbled onto what is now known as the Americas, whereas attempting to discover a direct route from Europe to Asia.
As the yr 1600 began, the individuals of Cape Cod had but to be ‘discovered’. In less than a dozen seasons, the Europeans can be coming in power to occupy their land. Probably the most well-known of the early ‘explorers’ was Bartholomew Gosnold of Suffolk, England. He’s credited with giving Cape Cod its title.
In the midst of the narrow sandbar that Gosnold named, was a spot and a tribe, known as Nobscusset. There was little of riches and resources in the village. In fact, the ragged group was the poorest and shabbiest in the land.
The Nobscussetts had a single, tiny settlement of barely a hundred individuals. Their Chief, Sagem, was neither remarkable in appearance nor skill. The tribe survived from one moon to the next, but never prospered.
It was not so with the mighty nation of the Wampanoags. That they had thirty villages from one finish of the peninsula to the opposite. The Mashpee had numerous communities; as did the Nauset, the Massachuset, and several different tribes.
It is estimated that when Gosnold made his exploration of the sandy land, there were as many as 5,000 indigenous folks on Cape Cod. Among the many mightiest warriors, was Chief Massasoit. He might equip and assemble a battle get together quicker than an arrow can fly. As an orator, he spoke words that were hotter and smokier than a campfire. All his villages grew and prospered.
Many moons in the future, when big boats would cross the large water, it might fall to Massasoit to satisfy with the foreigners and wrestle out the agreements that will keep the people protected.
It was stated that the Nobscussets were like poor relations subsequent to royalty, compared to Massasoit and the opposite chiefs. But they’d one asset that was treasured above all others – Princess Scargo, the daughter of Chief Sagem.
His wife had died giving beginning to their only youngster, leaving Sagem a listless and moody man. Yet, like a rare and radiant Rosa Stellata – a desert rose – Scargo grew from barren, un-nourished soil into probably the most spectacular specimen of womanhood ever seen in the brand new world or the stone island gewatteerde jas previous.
So fairly was Princess Scargo that warriors would come from both finish of Cape Cod to the middle of the land where the Nobscussett village was, just to see her. Often, they brought gifts that helped sustain the folks when the farming was poor as it usually was in soil that was largely salt and sand.
The village was constructed around a small fresh-water spring that threatened to dry up throughout the times of the lengthy solar. Twelve wigwams circled the spring and formed the whole settlement.
Princess Scargo lived in the largest one, with her father, her grandmother, and her father’s brother and his household – ten individuals altogether. Each wigwam had between eight and twelve occupants.
If the tribe grew, they would merely add extra wigwams. They had been simple to make. The women would get six spruce poles and tie them together at the top with the roots. The poles could be stood up and spread out to make a cone. The covering was long-established from large overlapping strips of birch bark. Birch bushes had been plentiful. It took just a few hours to get enough bark to utterly cowl a big wigwam.

The season of long-suns was more than two moons outdated when a warrior got here to the village one morning not long after sunrise.

Weaquaquet Comes to Scargo
“My title is Weaquaquet, and that i seek the beautiful Princess Scargo,” the tall stranger introduced to the primary person he noticed.
Directed to the spring, he walked till he noticed her, standing at the sting drawing water. She was much more lovely than he had been informed. Unlike his tribe, her pores and skin was mild and but it was stunning. Her long hair was the color of a evening with no moon.
Her eyes had been as large as a clam shell and sparkled like a blade ready to slit a cod. She had full lips and huge hips and Weaquaquet was immediately crammed with love.
“Everywhere there is a campfire, males discuss of you,” Weaquaquet informed her. “The old ones, the magic ones, the warriors too – all speak of your magnificence and your gentle nature.
Chief Massasoit sends me to all his villages to deliver his messages to his chieftans. Some distant villages are five operating days away. However regardless of how far I go, I hear of you.”
Scargo listened because the young warrior spoke. He was handsome like most of the young males who had come to visit her. However he had something extra. His calm, easy voice hinted at a gentle nature that she found very enticing.
By the point the sun crossed to mid-sky, Scargo and Weaquaquet had joined hearts. She took him to fulfill her father and Weaquaket gave Sagem the best of respect. He shared information from Massasoit and recommended that the good chief could be keen to offer protection and help to the Nobscusset individuals.
“I need to return to the ‘end of the earth’, where my folks stay,” Weaquaquet introduced as sunset neared. “The ‘end of the earth’ is just a single arrow-shoot broad. The large Water surrounds us to the East, the North and the South”.
“In the middle of the arrow-shoot is rich earth that grows large food. Solely as vast as 10 wigwams and so long as 20, this farm is ready to grow enough meals to feed two large Wampanoag villages.”
“And even throughout the lengthy-solar days when all of the waters within the ‘end of the earth’ begin to dry up, the wealthy-farm continues to thrive.“
Reluctantly, the young lovers parted. Weaquaquet needed to return to his village the place orders from Massasoit awaited him – orders that would take him on a long journey of not just moons, but entire seasons.
Earlier than he left, he promised Scargo and Sagem that as he subsequent passed their village on his enterprise for Massasoit, he would deliver a present from the rich-farm. It could be a reward unlike anything they’d seen. It could be a secret current of one thing unknown exterior of the Wampanoag capital city.

Scargo Tower
Carry Your individual Meals the males adopted Yellow Feather’s directive.
They traveled to village after village laying the groundwork for the historic alliance – that in future would save the people from slaughter by the large-boat folks.
The magic males mentioned that the strangers might carry of their fingers, fireplace-sticks so highly effective, one burst could do the work of 25 arrows in bringing down a fox, a bear or a moose.

The Nobscussett are Dying
For her half, Scargo, fed the fish each day via the brief solar and into the lengthy-solar that adopted. Because the fish started to develop, the large pumpkin, grown in the magic earth of rich-land, began to deteriorate. She launched the fish into the village’s tiny spring.
The lengthy-sun days wore on. After two moons, the spring was virtually dry and the 4 fish had barely sufficient water to maintain coated. One morning when she went out to the spring she noticed to her horror that one of the shimmering fish had died. The subsequent morning one other was lifeless.
“Father, Father,” she moaned. “Please come to the Spring. Please help me. My fish are dying.”
“I don’t know what to do daughter,” Sagem said sadly. “It has been many moons since your Weaquaquet left. Do you really consider he is coming again ”
By sobs and tears that ran the length of her face, Scargo wept, “He’s coming. He might be here before the arrival of brief-sun days. However we should keep the fish alive,” she begged.
Considered one of Scargo’s tears fell from her eye, ran down to her chin and dropped into the water of the spring inflicting a small ripple that drew each remaining fish to it.
They nibbled on the salty tear and began joyfully splashing in the inch or two of water that remained. Earlier than the tear, that they had been dull and lifeless, however after touching the ripple of the tear, the fish shimmered anew.
Never a man moved a lot to speak, or to motion – Sagem discovered inspiration in the weeping and within the fish.
He knew immediately what he needed to do.
Operating to the large rock next to the spring, he leaped on prime of it like a young panther and shouted: “People of Nobscusset, Our spring is dying, our fish have been nearly lifeless and in two or possibly three days time, we’ll have no water and our complete nation will die.”
Stunned villagers gathered around the rock to listen to their chief. It was the first time in anyone’s reminiscence the sachem had ever spoken like a chief and the first time for positive that he had mounted the rock–that way back with other chiefs, had been a council rock.
“My daughter is crying massive tears. She weeps for Weaquaquet who is way away. She cries for the fish who have no water, and for the tiny village of Nobscussett. But right now, we are going to save our nation. We’ll rework our little spring into a lake. Our strongest bowman will shoot an arrow from the edge of the spring. The place that arrow lands might be the other end of our lake. We’ll get clam shells from the massive Water and dig our lake into the shape of a fish. When we are completed, we could have a lake massive sufficient to revive our tribe and make it develop.”
“Chief Sagem, how will we fill this lake with water ,” several of the people asked directly.
“We will fill it with my daughter’s tears. It’s going to rise to the extent of the shore and will never go dry,” Sagem affirmed.
In three days of digging with clamshells, the one hundred males, women and kids of the Nobscussett nation did indeed dig Scargo Lake and like a miracle – in the hot, dry afternoon – Scargo’s lake swelled with clear, cold water. It stuffed to the top and altered the Princess’s tears to laughter.

Learn on to learn the way this picture might prove the legend!
The Proof that the Legend is Actual!
The two fish not solely survived but multiplied. Their descendants swim in Scargo Lake in the present day. Weaquaquet returned from his mission and helped ‘Yellow Feather’ kind a robust alliance that will hold for more than three score years. The alliance stored all of the individuals protected from the big-boat strangers.
The alliance helped the strangers simply when the land was about to defeat them and ship them again across the massive water.
Among the elders say even in the present day (virtually four hundred years later) that the Strangers by no means would have survived if it had not been for the assistance of Massasoit.
The young lovers married and had many kids. Both survive at present in spirit at their lakes. Weaquaquet at his, in what is called Centerville and Scargo in her lake in the city of Dennis.
I have by no means seen the ghost of Princess Scargo or Weaquaquet. But, sitting alongside her quiet lake, I’ve on numerous occasions had unusual emotions of peace and contentment.
Many visitors to the pond categorical related sentiments. Locals who live on the shores of the pond, as well as visitors, often comment that while they’re swimming or resting on the sand, they sense a sure magical feeling and although they can not claim to see her, they really feel Scargo’s presence.
As to the lake itself, the legend says that it was hollowed out by clamshell and filled with the tears of Scargo. The scientists say that glaciers dug and crammed her lake.
In the early 1900’s a stone tower was built. It nonetheless stands at the moment. Totally free, you’ll be able to go up the 28 foot tower which rests at the highest of one of the tallest hills in all of Cape Cod.
The legend says that hill was made from the dirt scooped out by the clamshells when the lake was made by Scargo and her household. Scientists doubt that. They believe that a glacier gouged out the lake.

A query for the scientists. Why is Scargo Hill almost the one steep hill in the midst of Cape Cod – in addition to its tallest
There are dozens of other lakes in the realm however none has a hill beside it! The legend says that the Nobscussetts created the hill from the dirt they scooped out when they had been digging the lake.

One thing is for sure….in case you go up to the highest of Scargo tower and look out over the sea, you possibly can see all of the option to Provincetown virtually forty miles distant.
You possibly can see the well-known Provincetown Monument erected to commemorate the Pilgrims landing there and meeting Yellow Feather himself in 1620.
You can see miles and miles out upon the massive-water. You can see where Cape Cod is connected by three bridges to the state of Massachusetts.
Oh yes….you can see something else…and it is probably the proof that the tale of Scargo is actual!
Just as in the legend: Scargo Lake is in the shape of one of many fish that Weaquaquet gave to his princess!
I don’t imagine that the scientists have a concept on that!

See the Pilgrim Memorial in P-city from the Tower
My Scargo Journey – and how to search out the Burial Grounds
I’ve mentioned that I’ve never seen the ghost of Princess Scargo, yet have felt an typical sense of serenity while visiting her lake. During a fierce storm a number of years ago, I had one other expertise that does not prove the magical qualities of the lake or of Scargo, however was fascinating and definitely out of the sphere of Stone Island Shop ‘normalcy’.
Like many Cape Codders, I like a very good Nor’easter. Multiple time, I’ve found myself clinging onto the rocks of a jetty on Haigus Seashore in Dennis Port – in gale winds with seas as excessive as rooftops, just to get a close-up breath of the storm soaked air.’’
It is truly awe inspiring to drive your car to the parking lot of West Dennis Seashore during a ferocious display of nature’s nasty temper. The street at the seaside, runs like an island by the sand for a full mile, with ocean in front and behind.
For those who drive to the top of the parking lot and face your automobile in the direction of Hyannis, the torment quickly makes you neglect that you are in a car as the heavy wind buffets you from all sides. On occasion the cyclonic wind lifts your car an inch or so within the air and rocks it from side to aspect.
Visibility is limited to a hundred toes or less. The street disappears as whitecaps wash over it. This expertise of being in your automobile whereas the storm bashes it, is as shut as you may get to the seafaring expertise the historic salts had while riding out such a storm in a three masted schooner of outdated.
In recent times, due to gale loving fools like me, the native police departments have begun closing the gates of the Cape Cod beaches during bad weather – stopping the storm riding that I a lot love.
Throughout a mini hurricane some years back, a friend and that i tried to get into West Dennis beach however its heavy iron gates wouldn’t enable my automobile to get by. It was the same factor at Sea Avenue Seaside, and Corporation Seashore, Even the unguarded, tiny Depot Avenue Seashore was blocked off.
We decided to head for fresh water and Scargo Beach. Success! The entrance to Scargo had not been barred. We drove to the parking lot and received out of the car.
Instantly, we noticed that we had left behind the torment of the hurricane. The waters of Scargo had been nearly as calm and mild because the laziest of summer days.
In the gap we may see large bushes doing the demise dance with the gale drive winds. However the timber surrounding Scargo have been dancing nothing greater than a gentle waltz, and the floor of the lake was almost as easy as glass. For more than an hour, my pal and that i waded and swam within the warm water. We ate a picnic lunch earlier than going back dwelling to South Dennis.
As quickly as we drove out of the Scargo lot, it was as if we had left sanctuary. Toppled bushes and limbs littered the roadway. That they had fallen throughout the assault of gusts reaching more than 70 miles per hour. Energy lines had been down, ambulances, and repair crews had been the one different automobiles on the road. Electrical energy had been misplaced to most homes and businesses.
And yet, Scargo Lake had been practically as mild and gentle as a kitten. I know that this doesn’t actually present that the area is endowed with magical powers, however the story is true and it was a delightful interlude in a fierce storm.
Now, as promised listed here are the instructions to the enchanted Nobscussett Burial Floor. Coming from the Mid-Cape Freeway, Route six, take exit 9B. This may deliver you to Route 134, the Cross-Dennis Highway. Proceed on 134 until it ends on the Outdated King’s Highway, Route 6-A. Take a left turn. You’ll move Scargo Hill Highway, Paddock’s Path, Physician Lord’s Highway, and Seaside Avenue. Subsequent, look for the Osprey Street sign-submit. Affixed to the publish, as shown within the pictures, is the rectangular signal pointing the strategy to the grave site.

Search for these indicators….
The Wind Throughout Scargo
End your tour of the burial grounds and the lake with a visit to the tower.
Pull over to the facet of the street once you see Osprey Lane, for you’re as near Scargo’s resting place as you’ll be able to drive. Stand by the sign and look throughout the road. You will see the arboreal entrance.

Park your automotive on the aspect of the road and walk by the verdant arch and you’ll quickly be transported back in time some 300 years. You’ll see the odd assortment of gifts left for the princess. Perhaps, you will leave something yourself. Walk to the furthest iron posts and you’ll have a perfect view of the good 60 acre Kettle Pond that actually does seem to have been dug with clam shells and filled with the tears of a real princess.
After spending a while with Scargo and her relations, it’s highly beneficial to visit Scargo Tower. It’s possible you’ll not see any ghosts, but from the top you will see Provincetown and the large Water.

Enter the tower, stroll up the metallic spiral stairs, and you’ll quickly be atop the best spot on the Mid Cape and maybe all of Cape Cod.

You might have been studying one of the chapters of GHOSTS OF CAPE COD, by Invoice Russo. It is out there on Amazon and Kindle. Bill Russo can also be the creator of The Creature From the Bridgewater Triangle which has been in the highest ten of recent England Tales for two years. His story was also shown on nationwide tv in Monsters and Mysteries in America and in “America’s Bermuda Triangle” as well as in the award profitable documentary, “The Bridgewater Triangle”.

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sendingGenna East 21 months in the past from Massachusetts, USA
Thanks, Invoice. I have never printed streams on HP yet, however I did publish one among the 3-story trilogies, Pandion, which you’ve gotten been so sort to read and comment. Thanks.

Thanks for the learn and probably the most appreciated feedback Genna. Quite a lot of us New Englanders get all excited at the wonders we see on Western or Southern trips, which is ok, however proper in our own backyards are loads of homespun adventures for us to seek. I am wanting to read “Amid the Streams” as a result of I really respect the true writers on HP corresponding to your self.

Genna East 21 months in the past from Massachusetts, USA
Hi there neighbor. I’ve visited the Cape by way of , and driven route 6A, but I’m, embarrassed to say that I have never heard of the gorgeous historical past of this lake. I liked this story and plan to visit the world quickly. I particularly like how you described their world of the earth as identified and lived by them, and the seasons corresponding to “…the tip of the long-solar days approached.”

I should confess that I like to ride storms, too. I think I inherited from my Mum, whose ancestors arrived here in 1623 on the Little James. It is most likely hardwired into the DNA. I am fascinated your ebook as properly and plan to buy a replica. And congratulations on reaching acclaim and reward for The Creature From the Bridgewater Triangle. You are a very good writer.

I lately finished a thriller story that is part of a 3-story trilogy that takes place in SE Mass and New England. It centers on Oak Bluffs on the Vineyard (Noepe)…and dovetails historically with the Wampanoag and the “Folks of the first Light.” Its title is “Amid the Streams.” I’ve feeling you will know what that title means in the summary…not less than, in part. 🙂

Thankyou John. This undertaking was a pleasure on many counts, not the least of which was that I received to jot down about places virtually in my yard. In my pirate story, I had my heroine solid a poetic curse on the individuals who were stoning her.

AuthorBill Russo 21 months ago from Cape Cod
Thanks Invoice. I lived in the area of the burial ground for greater than a decade before I even knew it existed.

John Hansen 21 months ago from Queensland Australia
This was a wonderful introduction to your guide GHOSTS OF CAPE COD, Bill. The legend of princess Scargo was fascinating. Different intriguing stuff too, particularly the fact that the Scargo Lake is in the shape of one of the fish, it has the only hill subsequent to it of any of the close by lakes as though the soil dug from it was piled there. Additionally your expertise of it being calm whereas there have been wild storms throughout. Thank you for sharing.

Bill Holland 21 months ago from Olympia, WA
It is good to see you writing again, Bill. I’ve by no means been to Cape Cod, but when I did, as a history buff, I would positively go to this site. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. This previous history instructor is appreciative.