STONE ISLAND If you’re sick to the back teeth of ‘Authentic’, ‘a hundred% Real’, ‘Purchased BY MY GIRLFRIEND’, ‘STAKE MY LIFE ON IT’ (and some of them ought to), Rubbish Stone Island garments, have a read of this.

I purchased three totally different coats, Raso Gommatto (sure !) ,numerous sizes and all ‘Pukka’. What a load of crap! All three went back having paid what i thought would keep me out of ‘Fakesville’ an average of £130+, let me tell you that you’re waisting your money !! I moved heaven and earth to get my money back and so must you.

I do personal a number of originals,bought in Firenze( Florence, Italy) with no bull guarantees,so here’s what i do know…………

Initially, the tags ought to be an identical. The sewn in tag quantity and the tie-on tag number. As stated elsewhere, 2006 objects WILL start with a 44 or 45. Stone Island Jacket If the tags don’t match, bin it.

The sewn in tag (S.P.A., Artwork and so forth) WILL present country of origin(various international locations involved are Italy,Romania,London..for ventile jackets(woven in Nice Britain)..and Cina….this final one is definitely China,but as with the word CIAO,the italians pronounce ‘C’ as…..) these nations produce varied elements or materials and the tag will all the time learn RAVARINO (Mo), ITALY in smaller print.

Next,the patch buttons Will probably be distinctive, black with stone island etched around the outside and the middle of the button Shall be a ‘+’ signal,this may make the holes the place the thread goes quarter circles, NOT common holes as another button with a ‘+’ signal between them…..Since i first started penning this,i’ve updated this guide with info gained first hand, so, there appears to be yet one more arsehole making fakes on the market, somebody can now immitate the ‘+’ signal buttons, tho’ not very effectively !! The new batch of fake buttons have a ‘+’ sign for the eyes,However,they are DULL plastic copies,as opposed to GLOSS S.I. originals. Also, the pretend buttons place the ‘+’ sign very deep into the button,noticeably deep. The fakes are also sharp edged to the inside of the button, whereas S.I. are easy. The final damnation is that this, on the again of those buttons, (usually the patch button ), the fakes are clean. The unique buttons have two round indentations,virtually holes, on the reverse of the phrases ‘STONE’ and ‘ISLAND’ , this is where the buttons have been held in the press.

The arm patch, an ideal supply of pleasure, ought to be silk backed,however more importantly,it Will need to have the badge detail (compass and writing ) displaying in FULL on the reverse facet, many fake badges are solely half sewn onto the reverse

If i cannot see clear footage of any garment,my initial response is they try to hide something

I hope this helps, these bastards must be uncovered for promoting faux gear to a,(sometimes),unsuspecting public.

The only buttons with holes will be the bigger buttons,the sleeve patch buttons and all other small buttons might be as above

Zips usually are not just for doing up the jacket,they too must be quality items YKK,LAMPO and so on …not kanglidanglicheapaschipsbutrightcolourshite (mine are all YKK or LAMPO)

Stone Island Autumn Collection Sweater Zipper Collar Dark Gray

Subsequent is the sizing, go on the site and you will see the european size chart is totally different to ours. A jacket marked M, Will likely be a small in our sizing, L medium and XL obviously large.

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