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Spirits Of Lemuria [sketches]

Stone Island Men Fashion Jacket With Hoodie In BlackOur neighbors throughout the centuries have not simply been the giants and ghosts and angelic beings I’ve talked about in different stories, or for that matter the Shinning Ones, aliens but additionally the Spirits of Lemuria, whom are slightly totally different, yes certainly, a special breed.

We should first take a look at Atlantis. When the Watchers and the Nefilim inhabited the earth, they slept with the women of Atlantis, as well as with the girls in and around what man has referred to as the Backyard of Eden the place the tree of life remains to this very day in and across the mouth of the Persian Gulf, within the Middle East. This is where King Gilgamesh of Ur went on the lookout for eternal life, discovered Noah and lost the present stone island cap buy in the waters thereabouts, another legend of types.

Atlantis was the Kingdom of the Atlantic or put another way, the Empire of the East, and Lemuria was the kingdom of the Pacific, and again, one might say the Empire of the West. We shall have to travel again into the time of Leo, about 10,500 BC to about 9600 BC to visit this land and city of sorts. The struggle of the worlds took place sometime inside this time-frame additionally. And the angelic forces that inhabited the world, which bred a number of forms of life, one being the giants of the Watchers, half-breeds you might say; who had been half sprit and half man. Some did not need to eat, others had to; King Gilgamesh of Ur, around 2700 BC was such a half-breed, and with supernatural energy, like the demigod Hercules, whom was also a hybrid steaming from this premise. However I am getting ahead of myself.

As I was saying, they bred totally different outcomes. The Demigods for example were one third human, one-third spirit, and the rest beast. But there was one other breed just a little totally different. They regarded almost normal, like people. Some had huge ears although, and others not. However they have been all hybrids nonetheless. These have been the Spirits of Lemuria, their ancestors being none apart from the angelic pressure of the time of Leo. They can be a part of the Empire of the Pacific, which stretched from Easter Island to Tahiti, Hawaii, Guam, and the Solomon Islands, and all through the Pacific.

At one time this area was more of a continent, then a conglomeration of islands. These ancient spirits were born before the great Flood of Noah, and would wander from island to island, in search of a home.

When Atlantis crumbled to the underside of the sea, so did the Empire of Lemuria, solely somewhat sooner I do believe. Matter-of-fact, so did the whole world. Yes, the world went upside down. That’s the reason you may witness such odd things like Lake Titicaca thirteen,500 toes up within the mountains of Peru; the place I have been too. As well as the agrological site of Tiwanacu thirteen,000 feet up within the Bolivian Mountains; the questions which were asked are,

“How did the lake rise up there,” and “How did man lower out a 130-ton platform, to from a temple site,” which I sat on. And the way did it fall to the ground.

The other query is, “How did it fall when there has by no means been an earth quake there ” I counsel, an earth crust motion took place. But man continues to be questioning; and how concerning the buried city roads off the coast of Florida and off the coast of Japan. The world was washed anew.

These new spirits, were slightly human, however had a number of spirit in them. They could change forms like their angelic ancestors. But whereas on earth they needed to eat, yet may additionally journey through area.

Some had long ears others did not. Some had been feminine others male. They could die, or be killed like people. Some did leave the surface of the earth, to such planets as Mars and the Moon; and i certain to different locations all through our photo voltaic system and beyond. For when Christianity came to the islands of the Pacific, lots of them escaped to only such locations.

If I may backtrack a bit bit, the Titans [also recognized as the Watchers], who mingled with the Atlantis, and humans, also created hybrids with the Shinning Ones [aliens]. Because of this the Shinning Ones felt obligated if not considerably pushed to attach with the Nefilim who escaped into house leaving the Watchers and the demigod giants to fend for themselves when God sent his angelic drive to bury the Watchers for their evil deeds they had dedicated amongst mankind.

In time even the Island Empires principally vanished and all one can see now on the islands are the burial platforms. Once more, when Christianity arrived the supernatural hermits left. These platforms now are used for gravestones and floors for homes, had been as soon as temples and burial vaults, monolithic in type, 4000 to 5000 BC the place. These stone constructions are witnesses all through the islands of the pacific, that a civilization did exist, to incorporate: Tahiti, Hawaii, Easter Island, Marques us, Solomon Islands, etc.a few of this stonework seems to be pre-Inca. A lot of these stones are thought-about cyclopean in nature.

Who the place they
Who have been these pre-Inca’s, or so referred to as Spirits of Lemuria, others have referred to as them many things, one name being Aku-aku, and I cannot explore this a lot, but others name them Tatame, and but others connect them to the Fowl Cult of the islands of the Pacific. But every part leads to the Nefilim and the Watchers if you return far sufficient, and their youngsters (I do believe), and grandchildren, the giants, and on down the supernatural street of affinity.

To my understanding there were about 500 of them left after the flood. Ninety of them went to Easter Island. Here they mingled with the inhabitants (I have talked to many of the parents on the islands regarding this difficulty). Many not even understanding a few of their wives had been of this nature, supernatural. Some played the prophet, and gave advice and instructed fortunes to the inhabitants. Some used their powers to take and others to kill. Many of these hybrids lived in caves. A number of the women even kidnapped men.

When you were to go to Easter Island you’d notice for those who dare to enterprise past the normal pathways of the vacationer, notice the underground cavities between the tougher volcanic strata, there rests softer deposits where at one time have been, or was a subterranean river, or so it appears. It was for sleeping places of the Sprits. There you will see extra then a half dozen such locations, under the floors of these hug chamber partitions and roofs with granite slabs. Right here is the place they hid, confined themselves; performed cannibalism like their forefathers the giants, the Nefilim and the Watchers, but principally the giants of old. This is where the large statues to their fathers the Nefilim and the Watches, have been created to worship them as gods.

The Gods
The natives killed a number of the Spirits by chance. In in the future 23-have been killed by a madman who ate a poisonous Octopus, thus leaving 55-spirits on the island left. At evening the Spirits often attacked the people, paralyzing them whereas sleeping, trying to seize their soul, locking them up into their nightmares and dreams; thus killing them by way of heart attack or illness; making them uncomfortable.

The twenty first Century
You knew we would hit the 21st century finally did not you Of course you did. It is our time. Right now a number of the Spirits nonetheless dwell and haunt the crater of Rano Raraku, so I heard when I was on Easter Island. I have been there, and it certainly could be so. If that is the case, I imagine it smells like a sizzling spot for such exercise, and if the Nefilim are still around, it could be their home. These Spirits are a link to the community of the Nefilim, and Lucifer, whom are putting into place the last battle to be. The time when the epitaph of mankind will probably be spelled out, and the stones come tumbling down. None of this is by accident, it is a long drawn out plan; a conspiracy. Matter of fact so advanced, a lot of the gamers have no idea what the other one goes to do from one minute to the subsequent.

The Spirits of Lemuria will not be merely on Easter Island, however I imagine a couple of in Bali, and Java, and different places I’ve been, and Guam, and all through the Pacific. The Fowl Cult is still alive and left over from the days of Lemuria and Atlantis, on some of the Pacific islands. The statues aren’t any extra then the divinity of the angelic power that gave birth to the hybrids. The hats you see on the stones are a token from Tahiti, a mark of royalty, the leader, likelihood, Azaz’el, or certainly one of his sixteen-angelic generals.

And so in closing, I merely want to remind you, it doesn’t matter if one believes in Atlantis or for that matter Lemuria. Or the Giants and even the 4-worlds that were before this one: our time. The stones tell no lies, except if you are in search of lies. There was a race here and we humans did dwell amongst that race, or species. How did they get here is a question you could have to answer, if mine will not be ok. And if you happen to assume we aren’t living ultimately times of this life cycle, than look again, what do you call it This isn’t heaven on earth, however rather it is precisely what we sense, and that’s the top of Days.

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