Speckled Trout Limits East Of Stone Island In Black Bay

Randall Shaw, with Louisiana Fishing Charters, stated he’s caught several latest limits of specks in clean, moving water and prompt spots just like the Wreck, Five Wells, the Black Tanks, the Compressor and as far east as the Central Rig and the rocks at the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet Canal.

“Everybody’s been saying the fishing in Black Bay hasn’t been good. Nicely, it’s been nice all 12 months when the wind is down, Shaw stated. “Now the wind is down and the river is down. The fish have always been there, they’ve simply been out of reach for most people.

“Most folks don’t need to experience 20 or 30 miles to get into that water, he said. “Now the river’s come down, the salinity is up closer in, and these fish are displaying up. /p>

The key is to focus on the clean water Shaw has been seeing east of Stone Island. Somewhat further west, he mentioned the water is more dirty and the fishing hasn’t been nearly as good.

“That line can move. It looks like they’re sitting right on the edge of that soiled water. If the dirty water strikes 10 miles east, they’ll go 10 miles east, he mentioned. “Just strive to remain in these patches of Cheap Stone Island fresh water. If you will discover it, they’ve been unbelievable. That is the stuff I’ve been waiting all year to see. /p>

The weather forecast appears nice all week lengthy, but tidal ranges are usually not particularly favorable for this coming weekend, he stated.

“Just look for good water and moving water, Shaw mentioned. “If you get out into Black Bay and the water’s not moving, go deeper. The deeper you go, the more tidal motion you’re going to search out. The bait will likely be shifting with it and the trout will be feeding. /p>

Smaller trout have already begun moving north into Pumpkin Bay and Drum Bay as they migrate to the inner marshes, he mentioned.

“Those are little trout simply starting to show up there, Shaw said. “Give them one other two or three weeks and they’ll be in there. They’re getting shut. /p>

After the full moon on Sept. 19, Shaw mentioned he’ll begin actively fishing for specks nearer in.

“That will be when i begin trying to find them on the sting of the marsh, he stated.

Redfish-sensible, large bull reds have moved in and are biting alongside the edge of the marsh and in Black Bay.

Shaw prompt dead shrimp below a popping cork or dead shrimp on a Carolina rig, if you’re fishing shelves in deeper water.

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“They’re actually showing up in every single place. It seems like the middle of the marsh, alongside the Twin Pipelines Canal, and across the edges the place Black Bay meets the marsh, have been having quite a lot of bulls, Shaw stated.

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