NikeLab Stone Island Windrunner Collaboration

Stone Island Polo Shirt In Black/Red 2015

Merlin’s Sundial Astonishing colums of huge stone arranged in a circle round a temple altar and aligned to the stars of the Island ancient skies. A calendar for predicting eclipses and other rare astronomical events – this a lot is universally accepted – however Stonehenge – an important stone circle – is part of an important world circle of ancient world monuments including other ancient websites comparable to Giza, Easter Island, Palenque and the Acropolis all equidistant from a curious central point the tiny island of Trindade off Brazil, in the South Atlantic – thus, perhaps – but considered one of many international markers to legendary Atlantis The legends say that Merlin himself levitated these stones from Eire and fashionable Driuds hold it amongst their most sacred sites and nonetheless perform ceremonies there. On December 31st, 1900 one of many stones tipped over ushering in a new era of excavation but there is no such thing as a option to carbon date stone or place the various distinct development phases unquestionably in any established timeline.

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