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Some Details About Our Universe, Our bodies, & World That Amaze You!

Garment-dyed Cotton Satin Trousers In BrownThere’s a doctor’s son, Matt, who is a sophomore in faculty now. He is taking part in a program in Irian Jaya. It is referred to as “The sting Journey.” That’s a small, fairly-new program, and academically, it is really fairly rigorous. The scholars probably write extra papers on this semester than they do if they were at residence. However the papers are written out in longhand, and so they’re written principally by candlelight. Yet, most of the learning, as you would possibly think about, doesn’t occur in the classroom, however instead comes from dwelling among “Stone-Age” folks and being absolutely immersed in a completely different perspective and culture.

Matt was solely able to name residence as soon as in the first three months. The very first thing he mentioned was concerning the mail service. It is notoriously unreliable. Each Linda, his mom, and Laurie, his girlfriend, have sent him dozens, even scores of letters, but, for a time, Matt hadn’t gotten any mail for about five weeks. Realizing prematurely that this was going to be the scenario, Linda and Laurie numbered their letters sequentially so that Matt would know if he’s getting his mail, and if he is getting it in a well timed vogue. And Matt says he got Laurie’s letter number seven and then five weeks later he got her letter quantity 22. He didn’t know what was in letters eight via 21, but when he read letter number 22, he knew that everything was okay. See, the details might be stuffed in later.

This strikes me as an image of our lives as effectively. We have learn the first seven letters. We all know where we’ve been. However we do not know but what will likely be in letter quantity eight. So we fear about it. These things are in the future. That is the tomorrow, and a few of the times ahead look very difficult, I believe, for us.

A few of us fear about our children. Like, how are they going to turn out A few of us fear about school prices, and we hope desperately that Christ returns earlier than we now have to start out paying for the college. Virtually all of us fear about the future of medicine and the challenges that face us there. But the good news is the good news. God’s a postman. He’s already delivered letter number 22 to every of us in his personal handwriting by way of the scriptures.

And this is what my letter said. He said, “Brant, you’ll be completely satisfied to know that all of it seems just advantageous.” God’s not making particular guarantees to us that life might not be powerful in the interim, but He does say this: “You’ll be able to belief me. You’ll be able to trust my power. You possibly can trust my care. It will all finish just fantastic.” The sovereignty (supreme excellence, supreme energy) of God in the rest of our lives.

Maybe by now a few of you’ve gotten seen or heard about this little word. I ran across it from hearing a speaker. And that i wish to share this with you because there’s extra tonnage of importance per square millimeter on this than you’ll be able to possibly think about. And that is what it says:
“Good morning. That is God. I shall be handling all of your issues at the moment. I cannot want your help. So have an excellent day.”
Give it some thought. Memorize it. Say it each morning before you get out of bed.

I need to draw your consideration to a few passages of Scripture. You’ll be able to turn to them, if you would like, but I’ll form of summarize them pretty rapidly. The primary is Psalm 37. I’ll give you segments of verses one by means of eight. It says:

“Do not fret due to evil males or be envious of those who do flawed. Belief in the Lord and do good. Delight your self in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your method to the Lord. Belief in him and He will do that. He will make your righteousness shine just like the dawn, the justice of your trigger just like the noon-day sun. Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him. Do not fret when men succeed of their ways. Don’t fret. It solely results in evil.”

Now 3 times in those eight verses it says, “Do not fret.” What does that imply when it says, “Do not fret ” It means, don’t fret. Matthew 6:34, it comes right after Matthew 6:33: “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these items can be added unto you.” 6:34 says, “Do not fear about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Every day has enough hassle of its own.”

Now what does that mean when it says, “Do not worry about tomorrow ” What it means is, don’t be concerned. Philippians 4:6, it says: “Don’t be anxious about something, but in all the things by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, current your requests to God.” My query is, what does it imply when it says, “Do not be anxious ” It means don’t be anxious.

Now we read these passages and we say, “Aren’t those comforting verses Isn’t that wonderful of God to supply us that encouragement proper at our level of want ” And we rise up from our desk, we walk out within the corridor and we start worrying, and we begin fretting, and we start being anxious. We all do it – 100 p.c of the folks in this room do it. And yet, the Scripture says, “Don’t. Belief me. Be nonetheless. Wait patiently for me. The reason you worry is you don’t know who I am. You just don’t see clearly sufficient yet.” There’s a favourite verse of mine. It happens to be in 1 Corinthians 13. I don’t understand how this will get slid into the “love chapter,” but it surely says, “Now we see by way of a glass darkly, but then we shall see face to face. Now we know partially, however then we shall know, whilst we also are known.”

What if we may go to the opposite facet of eternity, beyond the line of eternity, and just sit in the presence of God for 10 minutes, just 10 minutes, and then come again right here and finish out the remainder of our lives Would it not change the remainder of your life should you had 10 minutes to do that It would change everything. The change could be whole, and it would be complete.
Imagine He determined to ask one of us up for a glance… form of a once-in-eternity alternative right here. I’m not allowed to let you know who it was, because you are supposed to note the distinction in them yourself, however we’ll call him Joe. Really, he’s up there right now, and i need to let you know what Joe’s going via.

See, here is Joe sitting with God. And that is what he says first to God, “God, I’ve bought 10 minutes right here with you, so let me ask you this: Have you learnt every little thing ” And God says, “Do you doubt it ” Joe says, “Nicely… effectively, no, however how do you do it Would not it all get type of blended up in your head ” And God says, “I feel you’re getting the two of us confused there, Joe. You try this so much, you realize You really shouldn’t do this a lot. Let me put it this way: Things get blended up and chaotic in your head rather a lot, however not in mine. Joe, my car never runs out of fuel. I’ve never been late for a plane. And if you attempt to steadiness the checkbook… every time you sit all the way down to do it, I simply can’t bear to watch. So I distract myself by counting backwards… to infinity.”
Joe says, “May I see you answer some prayers ”
“Nicely then ”
“I simply did.”
“Did what ”
“I just answered prayers.”
“Properly, whose prayers did you reply ”
“Nicely, truly, Joe, I just answered 924,000 prayers simply then. Half the time folks don’t even know I am doing it. I’m sort of tricky about a few of this. A really high percentage of the prayers I reply usually are not even from adults. It is the kids, you know They’re the ones with the religion. When i reply their prayers, they usually see it instantly.”
“Well, what percentage of prayers that you simply just answered proper now were from kids ”
“Nicely, to be precise, 42.57688493005998729609432547…”
“That’s enough,” Joe says. “That is enough.”
Joe says, “How many stars are there ” God says, “Joe, you solely have 10 minutes.”
“Nicely, how many galaxies then ”
“Joe, you only have 10 minutes. But do you need to see me annihilate an entire galaxy ”
“Oh, sure, cool, that’d be great!”
“Nicely, you see that a technique on the market towards the edge of area It hasn’t been discovered but. No person will even miss it. I just made it as a result of I appreciated the best way it sparkled. Watch this. There, you cannot see it now, proper ”
“How’d you do that ”
“You don’t want to know, Joe. Ever heard of anti-matter ”
Joe says,” I am a physician, you know.” God says, “Is that alleged to impress me I’m a physician, too. You want to compare credentials Success charges Diagnostic accuracy Decide a topic, any matter.”
Joe: “How much time do I’ve left ” God: “Only a few seconds. However after all, round right here that prices me 50 trillion years, however in your case, it is just a few seconds.”
Joe: “Do you watch me on a regular basis ”
“Certain, I do. Different people sometimes watch you, too. You’re really quite an entertaining fellow.”
Joe: “Medicine is getting form of worrying nowadays.”
“Yeah, so I seen.”
“What ought to I do about it ”
“Nicely, Joe… I am glad you requested. One factor that might help loads is in the event you had been to cease utilizing me as a last resort. All the pieces you need I’ve already provided. Belief me. Use my knowledge. Use my power. Pray. Joe, you really must pray extra. And love your patients. On your finest day, I’ll give you an awesome day. On your worst days, I am going to get you thru it. I’ll all the time get you through it.”
“God, one final query. How do I get down from here ”
Joe: “Oh, I suppose that was a very foolish question. Hello, Honey. You may never guess what simply occurred to me.”
Joe’s wife: “What You seemed sunburned. You’ve got been golfing again ”
“Oh, no, no, it’s not golfing. Maybe you’d higher sit down. I’ll tell you about it, but first, I believe we would higher pray.”

How would you stroll the rest of your life Every part that you just do, every perspective that you had, each thought, each opinion about people and about time and about eternity and about human effort would be changed! Now, we won’t go to the other side and sit with God for 10 minutes, however we can know much more about him than we now have previously settled for. And the best way, perhaps the one means, to enter an uncertain future is to trust in the sovereignty and the power and the majesty and the precision and the genius and the intimacy and the caring of an almighty God. No other approach will work. No different approach makes any sense in any respect. And He says, “Put your hand in my hand and don’t let go, not even for a second.”

Let’s look at some issues that we all know in medicine and astronomy and in physics, about the sovereignty of God. Think of the solar. When you took a pin head and you heated the pinnacle of that pin to the temperature of the core of the sun, it could kill every individual within a 1,000 miles. Did you hear that

Now let me ask you this: Might God hold and play with, or even swallow that pin Yes! Now any individual that’s that highly effective, what does that inform you about your capacity to belief him by way of his capacity to do things that we won’t even start to imagine Every part that you simply see out there in science and in astronomy and in cosmology or in quantum mechanics or within the human body or biology or chemistry or physics – God’s fingerprints are all over it. And He’s instructing us that we are able to belief him.

Let’s look at black holes. Consider God and black holes. All galaxies have black holes. Our Milky Method galaxy apparently has lots of them. The variety of black holes in the universe might even be bigger than the variety of seen stars. To get a feeling for a way intense a black hole is, to make a star right into a black gap, you’d must collapse the radius of our sun from 450,000 miles down to 2 miles, so it may pretty much slot in a small town, okay Now a sun that had that form of density would weigh extra per teaspoon than Mount Everest does. That’s what a black gap can be.

This isn’t simply a tutorial exercise. This teaches us about God, and also you’d higher hear because you are going to want this God in your future. We all are going to want a God that has this type of energy, and we are able to trust Him.

You realize, as you get nearer to a black gap, you finally get to the occasion horizon – what is known as the occasion horizon. In case you the first step inch additional, then you’re gone. Nothing can escape as soon as it is entered the event horizon.

I’m wondering, does God sometimes stand on the event horizon and form of taunt a black hole I imply, what occurs if He type of slips over the edge a bit of bit Who wins in that tug of struggle God or the black gap God wins! You see, there’s nothing within the universe, there may be nothing of created order that is more powerful than God. He created all of it. He controls all of it. He overpowers it all.

Effectively, consider that. It’s an amazing thing. It is enjoyable interested by God and the way He bullies the universe. I imply, He simply does whatever He wants to do every time He desires to do it. Now a God who’s that highly effective, can He handle your issues Does He even want your help

Let’s take a look at numbers. What sort of mathematician is God Are you aware that the number of electrons that pass by a filament of an unusual gentle bulb in a minute…did you get that The number of electrons that pass by an atypical filament of a gentle bulb in a single minute equals the variety of drops of water that stream over Niagara Falls in a century. Does God know how many electrons circulation by means of a filament of a light bulb in one minute He does. He counts them in his spare time.
Are you aware there’s 10 to the 80th elementary particles – ebay stone island jumper protons, neutrons, electrons – in the observable universe That’s 10 with 80 zeroes behind it! 1 Billion has 9 zeroes… we’re speaking a total of 80 zeroes right here as the variety of protons, neutrons, and electrons within the observable universe… and we solely observe a really small part. And God has each one of them mapped, each nanosecond. He nicknames them in His spare time.

The talking number – they call the speaking number – it’s the variety of phrases spoken by people because the dawn of time, which we know is about 6,000 years. Did God hear all of these It’s 10 to the 16th. Did God hear all of those Sure, He did. He is got a document of them.

The Coney Island number. Do you know what the Coney Island quantity is It’s ebay stone island jumper 10 to the twentieth. It is the variety of grains of sand on the Coney Island seashore -10 to the 20th. Does God know all these little grains of sand Yes, He does. The Ice Age numbers – 10 to the 30th. That’s the number of snow crystals essential to form the Ice Age. Does God do math at this degree Yes, He does.

I want to talk in regards to the human body just a little bit as a result of my time is running out. The human physique has 10,000 trillion trillion atoms. That’s greater than the number of stars in the universe. A trillion of these atoms are replaced each one millionth of a second. Every one millionth of a second, in your physique more than one trillion atoms are replaced. Though our our bodies are indeed discrete models, we leak. Physically and metaphysically, we leak. In consequence, we share our bodily existence with our neighbors, however remote.

In the final one hour a trillion trillion of your atoms turned over. What happened to these atoms Take a look at your neighbor. That’s where they’re. Your neighbor’s received them now. These atoms float off into area after which they roost in your neighbor for awhile – crimson, and yellow, black, and white. They’re me and I’m them. You won’t like that, but it is the truth of the matter. By way of widespread breathing, shared sneezes, sloughed pores and skin, the jet stream, flowing rivers, and a myriad of different mixing gadgets, God brings us together, constantly and repeatedly. God has them all mapped. He is aware of where all of them are. He follows them round.

Take a deep breath. Everyone take a deep breath. If you do that you just simply inhaled a hundred and fifty million air molecules that Jesus breathed. I didn’t learn this from a Christian ebook. I learn it from a physics guide. The math may be very effectively labored out. See me afterwards. But I nonetheless will not be in a position to elucidate it to you. Take a deep breath once more – a hundred and fifty million air molecules that Jesus breathed. I select to view this as Jesus doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on me all the time. My recommendation to you, if you wish to do one thing you don’t need Jesus to be part of, you higher hold your breath.

Every cell has a trillion atoms. Okay, you have received the little tiny atoms and then you’ve got got the cell. Every cell has a couple of trillion atoms. Properly, we now have anywhere from 10 to 100 trillion cells within the human body. And you guessed it. We’re making over a trillion cells each day. The lining of your GI tract turns over about each two days, sooner when you eat Mexican food. The lining of our skin turns over every two to 4 weeks, and i read not too long ago that the common human being sloughs like forty pounds of pores and skin in a lifetime. Possibly that’s why outdated sofas weigh a lot.

Purple blood cells. You make 2-to-10 million crimson blood cells each second. If you take your purple blood cells out and line them aspect by side, they’d go round the earth at the equator 4 times. You assume God paused when He made the crimson blood cell I think He did, realizing that His son must shed this for the remission of our sins. Now, I don’t want to overly spiritualize that, but did one in all His crimson blood cells have my identify on it What’s the divine value of one purple blood cell Is that enough to cowl all of my sins I feel it is. That is the God that we serve.
And this God is a succesful God. And that is the sort of God who is just not only highly effective, He will not be solely exact, He isn’t only a mathematician…The level of precision in a created order like our universe is 10 to the tenth to the 127th. That’s inconceivable. There are no numbers like that – 10 to the tenth to the 127th , this is how precise our God’s power and order are… this is perfection… that is supreme excellence and supreme energy. And this is the God that we serve. That is the one that you would be able to actually talk to and get to call Father… like your daddy here on earth, however this superior, unstoppable, drive of unimaginable power and Love, is your Father waiting for you in Heaven!

Why don’t we belief Him extra Why do not we pray and talk to Him extra Why do we balance the whole thing on our shoulders We can’t try this! You & I can not even management simply our personal ideas more often than not! And but He gently and so calmly says, “Don’t worry… don’t fret… do not be anxious… Belief me. Lean on me. Take my hand, hold on to me, and don’t let go for even a second. I’ll get you through all the things just wonderful.” He’s so gracious. He’s so affected person. He is so intimate. He’s so private. He created us because He loves us, as a result of He needs a relationship with us, and since He needs his glory to be seen by us and in us, and because he desires us to move-in and dwell with Him in His metropolis and see Him day-after-day. You and me… feeble, nothing, powerless, weak you and i… with that God… our Father. What an awesome, unbelievable thought and invitation!

You understand, the unbelievers will tell us that in the event that they see it, then they will believe it. I say to them, no… when you consider it, then you will note it. Soar and the net will appear! “Religion cometh by hearing, and hearing from the Phrase of God.” “Religion is the essence of issues hoped for, and the evidence of issues not seen.”

They are saying we have to be loopy to believe in God… I say, anyone who has this kind of proof of God’s fingerprints all over the place round them, in them, on them, and permeating each doable facet of their little lives and still would not consider, now that is loopy… and sad… and conjures up our mission to teach all that rather more. “For faith without works is lifeless.” Our educating others is our work. There is no Christian cruise control.

Do you wish to turn into His child by way of baptism Be taught extra about Him Have His kids speak to Him on your behalf by means of prayers In case you do, now could be the time.