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Commonly Misspelled Words And Homonyms: Half II

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Commercial most likely it occurred either since you were typing too fast and your fingers touched the wrong keys on the keyboard or it occurred mechanically.

Irrespective of the rationale for misspelling phrases in your writing, it isn’t a very good factor to have because it lessens the quality of your work and makes the readers suppose totally different of you as a author. It makes you come of as unprofessional. So, after you will have written whatever it is you decided to bring to life, proofread it just a few instances and then have someone else learn it as properly. Likelihood is that additional pair of eyes can spot those typos that you either have overlooked or simply not realized they existed.

I have beforehand written about generally misspelled words and homonyms the place I talked about homonyms and included a list of common pairs of homonyms that are sometimes misused or mixed up, together with a listing of phrases that are misspelled where letters are rearranged or omitted and consequently new phrases are created, with totally different meanings than originally intended.

There are actually a lot more of these words that I have not included within the record so I believed I would include extra of them right here, together with the elements of speech they belong to.

What are homonyms
If you do not already know what homonyms are or have never heard of this time period, they’re phrases that sound the same when pronounced but have completely different meanings. Typically instances people misuse the homonyms of their writing, whether or not it is as a result of lack of data or by accident.

Under is a list of homonyms that additionally includes some words the place an omitted letter creates a completely completely different word with a different meaning.

To your reference here is a table with a listing of abbreviations of the totally different elements of speech that I will use and what they stand for.

(n) = noun (v) = verb (prep) = preposition
(pn) = pronoun (adj) = adjective (conj) = conjunction

(adj) = adjective (cont) = contraction
abbreviation of elements of speech Homonyms
Knew (v) → New (n)

Knows (v) → Nostril (n)
By means of (prep) → Threw (v)

And (conj) → Finish (n)
Not (adv) → Nut (n)

As soon as (adv) → Ones (adj)
Rap (n) or (v) → Wrap (n) or (v)

Who’s (cont) → Whose (pn)
Bat (n) or (v) → Guess (n) pr (v)

Stroll (n) or (v) → Woke (v)
Pan (n) → Pen (n)

Ran (v) → Wren (n)
Weak (adj) → Week (n)

Sweet (adj) → Suite (n)
Entire (adj) or (n) → Gap (n)

Shore (n) → Positive (adj) or (adv)
Pale (adj) or (v) → Pail (n)

Lone (adj) → Loan (n) or (v)
Lite (adj) → Mild (n) or (adj)

Wait (v) → Weight (n) or (v)
Waste (n) or (v) → Waist (n)

Cord (n) → Chord (n)
Heat (adj) → Worm (n)

Stake (n) or (v) → Steak (n)
Berry (n) → Bury (v)

Marry (v) → Merry (adj)
Bag (n) → Beg (v)

Drag (v) → Dreg (n)
Know (v) → No (adv) or (adj)

Rot (v) → Rut (n) or (v)
Suck (v) → Sock (n)

Land (n) → Lend (v)
Peal (n) or (v) → Peel (n) or (v)

Steel (n) → Steal (v) or (n)
Peek (n) or (v) → Peak (n) or (v)

Wrack (v) or (n) → Rack (n)
Lad (n) → Led (v)

4 (n) → For (prep) → Fore (adj) or (adv)
Tee (n) → Tea (n)

Sew (v) → Sue (v)
Pea (n) → Pee (v)

Flesh (n) or (v) → Flash (n) or (v)
Leek (n) → Leak (v) or (n)

Bate (v) → Bait (n)
Wave (n) → Waive (v)

Made (adj) or (v) → Maid (n)
When you are writing, especially if you are typing fast on your keyboard, at all times be certain you haven’t omitted any letters from the words you employ. By omitting letters from phrases you may really end up creating phrases which have an entirely different that means from what you initially intended. For instance: let’s say you wanted to write down the word knew but didn’t write the letter k (irrespective of the reason), what you have done is create the word new, which after all means something completely totally different. Consequently you might have changed the meaning of the sentence. Since knew is a verb and new is an adjective the sentence now turns into complicated, though in this case people may still understand what you are trying to convey and will realize it’s merely a typo.

To forestall confusing your readers always ensure that to carefully proofread everything that you write and have someone other than you learn your work as properly. The much less mistakes you have in your writing the higher.

Under is a listing of some words where letters are both omitted or rearranged that as a result create words which have solely different meanings.

Listing of words with omitted letters
Complete → Hole

Spin → Sin
Street → Rod

Steam → Stem or → Team
Train → Rain

Fridge → Ridge
Pants → Ants

Flame → Lame
Part → Artwork

Black → Lack
Stalk → Speak

Learn → Earn
12 months → Ear

Concern → Ear
Heard → Hard

List of words with rearranged letters
Used → Sued

Roe → Ore
Kale → Lake

Spin → Pins
Are → Ear

Fireplace → Rife
Stone → Notes

Tea → Ate or → Eat
Rise → Sire

Bate → Beat
Salt → Slat

Not → Ton
Tip → Pit

Stub → Bust
Sore → Rose

Check out extra commonly misspelled words and homonyms
Commonly Misspelled Words and Homonyms
The English language consists of many phrases which are categorised as homonyms. Often sufficient, individuals, particularly non-native audio system, tend to confuse these words and use them incorrectly of their writing.
© 2013 Lena Kovadlo

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sendingAuthorLena Kovadlo four years in the past from Staten Island, NY

Rayne123 – Thank you for answering my question. Initially I selected not to incorporate the definitions as a result of sufficient words have many meanings and it would be time consuming to include all of them and might even confuse individuals. Maybe I can just resort to the primary definition of each phrase.

Sure in my opinion definitions for words would have been nice.
Nevertheless that is my opinion as a result of I may really use that.

thanks once more
Thank you for your feedback Rayne123. I’m questioning if maybe I should have wrote definitions for each of the words and homonyms I present on this hub. What do you think

Rayne123 four years in the past
This is nice, I need to review this.

This can assist me so much

Thank you in your feedback Kathryn. It is easy to make errors Stone Island certainly. Even the best finest selling authors/writers make errors and times they can not even be corrected when noticed because the books have already been revealed and printed. We are all human in any case. We by no means really give it some thought but it’s attention-grabbing how you can misspell beige stone island cap a phrase and as a substitute of it being gibberish it ends being a wholly totally different phrase with a distinct which means. I’ve executed that myself when typing on computer and I am sure many others have too. It is even worse with writing textual content messages on the cellphone. The keys are simply too small for the fingers and on a frequent basis when we wish to press one button one other will get pressed…

Kathryn 4 years ago from Manchester, Connecticut
I’ve a book that has data just like this, and it is interesting to look over. It’s easy to make errors! This is a good article, thanks for sharing.

AuthorLena Kovadlo four years in the past from Staten Island, NY
Thank you for your suggestions Regis. It’s appreciated as all the time! Once we kind usually enough our fingers press the wrong keys, especially when we’re in a rush, and we find yourself writing completely different words that change the that means of no matter it’s that we need to say. Typically, we even confuse ourselves and others in the end.

rauffray 4 years ago from BC, Canada
I love phrases so your article is “proper up my alley.” Thanks for sharing this informative piece, Lena.