Beach Stone-curlew At Harrington NSW

Stone Island Hat GreyHello Alan, Did I learn that right, there are solely eight pairs of Seashore Stone-curlews in NSW?
I spend half my week on North Stradbroke Island (Southeast Queensland) where there is a pair resident round Dunwich, seen recurrently on several beaches or on the mud/sand flats around the town. I have additionally observed a pair on one occasion only at Amity Point (however then I do not up there much). Amity is about 12km Northeastish of Dunwich because the Stone-curlew flys.
I ponder if this is similar pair. Does anyone know what form of territory these birds have, or something about the species on Straddie? Cheers, Pete Kyne (Brisbane) At 01:Fifty nine PM 7/20/2007 +one thousand, alan morris wrote:
Hi Birders,
Following on from the posting of Marnix, I can advise that there is a resident pair of Beach Stone-curlews at Harrington. Typically they are only a bit further south at Farquhar Inlet and Old Bar, at other occasions at Manning Level however typically they can been seen from the brakewall at Harrington. They breed there annually, some occasions within within the areas fenced off for Little Tern nesting and some instances they help themselves to Little Tern chicks and eggs! That is the furtherest south resident pair in NSW, there are about 7 other pairs northwards up the coast to Queensland.

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