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LEGO Ninjago: Shadow Of Ronin

This text is about something not canon to the storyline of the Tv present, Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, or the LEGO Cinematic Universe.

LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin is the third Ninjago video game released on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. It was later released as an app for IOS and Android. The events of its story happen between Season four and Season 5.

LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin’ will probably be probably the most expansive adventure sport by the Ninjago universe that we have now ever made to-date,” mentioned Tom Stone, Managing Director, TT Games. “Kids will get a kick out of playing as their favorite Ninja warriors battling a new enemy with an exciting array of cool vehicles, mechs and even dragons!

The game sees a brand new threat, named Ronin, come to Ninjago. With help from his military of darkish samurai, Ronin steals the Ninjas’ reminiscences using an historic weapon referred to as the Obsidian Glaive. The Ninja neglect how to make use of their elemental powers, and it’s as much as the gamers to assist them discover their Obsidian weapons, regain their reminiscences, and reclaim their powers before Ronin completes his plan and releases a good better evil on Ninjago.

The sport will function locales from the Television sequence, including the Ice Temple, the Toxic Bogs, and a brand new island, as effectively the mountain village of Spinjago, where the Ninja are presently training with Grand Master Dareth and Master Wu. Using their Spinjitzu abilities, gamers can unleash their Ninjas’ elemental energy to struggle enemies and solve puzzles, and can team up and create multi-elemental builds utilizing the Tornado of Creation.

The sport begins with Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane traveling across Chen’s Island within the D.B. Specific. Parking the car, they head by way of the remainder of the jungle on foot, going move the traps and battling Anacondrai Cultists. Ultimately, they make it into the tunnels beneath Chen’s Palace, and after battling Eyezor, Zugu, and a few other cultists, retrieve the Workers of Components. Nevertheless, the four of them are attacked by the Anacondrai Serpent, who attacks Jay and rips off his pants in the process, exposing his underpants.

Jay interrupts, revealing the entire ordeal to be a story, declaring the several inconsistencies in Kai’s story. Although bemused by the story, the Ninja—save Lloyd, who is recuperating from the loss of life of his father alone—are assigned to continue training on Master Wu’s orders, with Dareth revealing a class of adult students he had managed to search out. Wu is initially wary of the scholars, and rightfully so, after they assault the Ninja with the intent to destroy, revealing themselves to be members of a mercenary group, the Darkish Samurai.

The Ninja efficiently fend off the Darkish Samurai, solely to discover their leader, a mysterious samurai clad in armor, and chase after him across the mountain village of Spinjago. Utilizing the Twister of Creation, they create a magnet that pulls off the samurai’s armor, revealing a mysterious man. The Ninja nook the samurai, who in response uses his Obsidian Glaive to knock them out, earlier than escaping on a machine named R.E.X.

Nya and Master Wu tend to the Ninja, who get up and are shocked by the events happening around them, namely Nya’s presence, with Kai remarking that Samukai had kidnapped her, and Zane being mystified by his titanium type. Master Wu, horrified, manages to calm the ninja down and explains that they’d their reminiscences stolen by the mysterious weapon, the Obsidian Glaive. Likewise, they’ve misplaced several of their skills, as they don’t have any memory of unlocking their True Potential.

Grasp Wu advises that in an effort to get back their recollections, they should hunt down the opposite Obsidian Weapons, which may reverse the ability of the Glaive and restore their recollections. Noting that Hibiki, the Obsidian Glaive’s original proprietor, would possibly know the place to look, Master Wu tells the Ninja to head to Kryptarium Prison. Arriving at the prison, they uncover chaos inside, with a prison riot occurring and several other Darkish Samurai making an attempt to capture Hibiki, presumably to silence him.

Hibiki, whereas making an attempt to escape each parties, mentions in passing the title of the man who stole the Ninjas’ reminiscences; Ronin. Defeating the Darkish Samurai and different rioting prisoners, the Ninja manage to calm down Hibiki and acquire his advice, with Hibiki explaining that, although he doesn’t know the location of the Obsidian Weapons himself, he is aware of how to seek out out; The Tea of Perception, a mysterious brew that may reply the drinker’s questions. Hibiki explains that its main ingredient, the Inky Lemonberry, can only be found within the Toxic Bogs, and because the ninja leave with Grasp Wu, Hibiki warns them that the Obsidian Glaive can be used to insert false reminiscences into its victims.

The Ninja head to Ed & Edna’s Scrap N Junk to get Nya’s help, only to be attacked by several Serpentine on the way there. Realizing Ronin had used the Obsidian Glaive to trick them into believing they have been still at battle with the people, the Ninja escape the Serpentine and arrive on the junkyard. Assembly up with Ed and Edna, they build a ninja robotic that fends off the Fangpyre attacking them, allowing them to continue on.

Arriving on the Toxic Bogs, with Hibiki’s map in tow, the Ninja struggle off a number of brainwashed Venomari and retrieve the Inky Lemonberry, brewing the Tea of Insight and drinking it. Because of this, all of them achieve visions of the places of the Obsidian Weapons and determine to head off to search out the Obsidian Scythe first. Arriving at the Caves of Despair, they battle off several Constrictai, claiming the Obsidian Weapon inside and restoring Cole’s recollections, permitting him to regulate Earth once extra.

With that, they head to the Fireplace Temple, combating off extra Darkish Samurai despatched to impede their progress, and retrieve the Obsidian Sword, restoring Kai’s recollections and his energy over Fireplace. Nonetheless, on their approach out, they’re attacked by Ronin inside his mech. Destroying its boosters and plunging it into the lava, the Ninja are left stranded by Ronin, who escapes on R.E.X. and makes use of particular bombs to set off a volcanic eruption. Utilizing the leftover pieces of his mech to create jetpacks, they narrowly escape the eruption.

Heading in the direction of the Glacier Barrens and battling several Treehorns on the way in which, they arrive in the Ice Fortress. Stone Island Outlet Battling a number of brainwashed Hypnobrai, they head into the central chamber, the place they declare the Obsidian Sais, restoring Zane’s memory and his management over Ice. Nevertheless, they’re attacked by the Ice Serpent, and after defeating it, head outdoors to recuperate.

With all of his recollections restored, Zane realizes Ronin was the one who introduced him and P.I.X.A.L. to Chen’s Island. Before they will proceed to dwell on it, although, they obtain message of Nindroids attacking New Ninjago Metropolis, and head there to stop the machines. With the assistance of Nya in her Samurai Mech, they reach defeating a lot of the Nindroids, but in order to cease the menace should destroy the Nindroids’ energy source at the Floating Ruins, the place the Obsidian Nunchucks happen to be located as properly.

Arriving on the ruins, Jay retrieves the nunchuks, restoring his memories and management over Lightning, and collectively the ninja proceed to destroy the ability supply. With the Nindroids defeated and all of their recollections restored, the ninja have fun, solely to be confronted by Ronin, who is wielding a mysterious crystal charged with lightning, and uses it to reactivate the Nindroids. Realizing they’re outmatched, the Ninja escape and recuperate.

Master Wu identifies the crystal because the Lightning Forge, one of 4 Elemental Forges that hold huge energy. Realizing Ronin is after the remainder of the Forges, Master Wu duties the workforce to split as much as recuperate the Forges of Ice and Hearth. Listening to of Zane’s recollections about Ronin’s involvement with Grasp Chen, Wu realizes that Chen, having foreseen his banishment to the Cursed Realm, had left Ronin instructions on freeing him and the Anacondrai Cultists by utilizing the Elemental Forges ought to the occasion ever happen.

With this revelation, the Ninja break up up, with Kai, Zane, and Wu heading for the Forge of Hearth whereas Jay, Cole, and Dareth look for the Forge of Ice. Fighting several Darkish Samurai at the Vault of Fireplace, Wu and his group succeeding in securing the Forge of Hearth; In the meantime, Jay’s group manages to retrieve the Forge of Ice, noting the lack of Dark Samurai, and are met by Wu and the others.

Nevertheless, they’re ambushed by Ronin, who knocks them out using the Forge of Jacket Lightning. Zane and Dareth awaken, left alone with the Forges of Hearth and Ice nonetheless in their possession, and shortly discover, outside of the Vault of Ice, Ronin, who’s slowly burying the others alive using the Forge of Earth. Ronin demands they provide him the ultimate Forge, and Dareth, formulating a plan, takes the Forges of Fireplace and Ice.

Dareth combines the facility of the 2 forges to create a simultaneous blast of hearth and ice—only for the two to cancel one another out and drench him and Zane, much to Ronin’s amusement, before he shocks and knocks them out, claiming the final two forges and escaping.

Recovering from their defeat, Master Wu reveals that in order to properly harness the ability of the Elemental Forges and open a portal to the Cursed Realm, Ronin wants the Primal Fulcrum, which they should destroy. Wu sends Dareth off to New Ninjago Metropolis to get the Helmet of Shadows, in case they want the help of the Stone Army.

However, with no information of the Primal Fulcrum’s location, Wu heads to the Golden Peaks and enlists the help of Lloyd, who, having recovered from his grief, helps him find Misako on the Fangpyre Tomb, battling several Fangpyre on the way. Misako, who’s searching for something to help someone else, stumbles throughout the two and agrees to assist, revealing the situation of the Fulcrum to be in Hiroshi’s Labyrinth.

Getting Nya’s assist, the remainder of the ninja meet up, and heading by way of the jungle, arriving in a chamber, with the Primal Fulcrum floating mid-air. Within the walls, Misako finds a prophecy that states that as a way to destroy the Primal Fulcrum, seven beings must strike it collectively at the identical time. The others comply, only to be restrained by bonds of energy as a result.

Misako reveals she had lied, claiming vengeance over a betrayal only she remembers. Realizing Ronin had brainwashed her, the Ninja watch as the mercenary himself arrives with several Darkish Samurai, who take the Primal Fulcrum away. Enraged, Lloyd manages to free certainly one of his arms and blast the Obsidian Glaive with a burst of Energy, destroying the artifact and freeing Misako, the Serpentine, and everyone else affected by the weapon.

Ronin, angered, guarantees that Chen will take vengeance on them before escaping. With no knowledge of the place he plans to take the Primal Fulcrum, the Ninja infuse the souls of the Fulcrum’s 4 guardians into their Elemental Dragons and are guided to Chen’s Island. Combating off several Nindroids on the way there, they arrive on the island, with Jay taking control of the Electro Mech and utilizing it to blast his means into Chen’s Palace.

Fighting off waves of Darkish Samurai, they confront Ronin, who reveals he’s doing this in an effort to repay massive debts of unknown origin and circumstance. Inserting the Elemental Forges into the Primal Fulcrum, Ronin creates a portal to a pocket dimension mendacity between Ninjago and the Cursed Realm. The Ninja comply with him aboard their Elemental Dragons and the Ultra Dragon, the place they defeat the remainder of the Dark Samurai.

Within the Dimensional Area, they confront Ronin, who is charging the Primal Fulcrum with a view to open a portal to the Cursed Realm and free Chen and the Cultists. Noticing the depleted Forges, Grasp Wu comes to the conclusion the crystals at the moment are weak enough to destroy. Unwilling to let the Ninja stop his plans, Ronin summons upon the ability of the Elemental Forges, forming a massive elemental statue around him, clashing with the protagonists.

The Ninja clash with Ronin, who makes use of the Forge of Fire to empower his mech with Fireplace. Destroying the mech, the Ninja uncover the Forge of Hearth’s energy being depleted in consequence, and Ronin recreates his mech, summoning the power of Ice this time. In the end, the Ninja defeat the mech’s Ice and Lightning kinds, depleting two of the Forges and leaving only the Forge of Earth to power the Primal Fulcrum. Utilizing the Twister of Creation, they shatter Ronin’s weakened elemental mech and destroy the Forge of Earth, enraging him.

With his plans squandered, Ronin calls R.E.X. and escapes on it, just for a large ethereal arm, heavily implied to be the Soul Archer, to reach out for him. Terrified, Ronin narrowly escapes its grasp, even because the baby blue stone island jumper Cursed Realm portal begins to collapse, sucking the arm again inside. Gloating over his slim escape, Ronin flies off, leaving the Ninja to be destroyed within the collapse of the Dimensional Area.

Combining their powers, the Ninja destroy the Primal Fulcrum, the resulting explosion closing the portal to the Cursed Realm and scattering the Obsidian Weapons. Consequently, the Dimensional Space falls apart, throwing the Ninja again into Ninjago and destroying the Obsidian Weapons left behind. Even as they reconcile over their survival and victory, Kai realizes, to his amusement, that Jay has lost his pants in the process.

Enraged, Jay interrupts Kai’s recollection of the events, complaining that hadn’t happened in any respect to begin with, amidst the others’ laughter. Meanwhile, Dareth, having retrieved the Helmet of Shadows, employs the Stone Military to carry out mundane tasks for him, lounging round as he is served and remarking on his love for the artifact.

1. Prologue

Chen’s Island
1. Chen’s Dungeon
Spinjago Chase
2. The Sea of Sand

Kryptarium Prison
Crashcourse Canyon
Ed & Edna’s Scrap baby blue stone island jumper N Junk
3. The Tea of Perception
The Toxic Bogs

    The Skeleton Mines
    The Caves of Despair

four. The Obsidian Sword

    The Fire Temple
    The Volcano Core
    Volcanic Slide

5. The Frozen Wastes

    The Glacier Barrens
    The Ice Temple
    Frost-chunk Chamber

6. Revenge of the Nindroids
Ninjago City

    The Storm Farms
    The Lightning Temple

7. The Vaults of Ice and Fire

    The Vault of Hearth
    The Vault of Ice
    Ice Slide

eight. The Primal Fulcrum
Fangpyre Tomb
Hiroshi’s Labyrinth
1. The Fulcrum Chamber

9. Return to Chen’s Island

    The Infinite Ocean
    Island Assault

Chen’s Palace