Women Seek to Combat Domestic Violence on their Own through Krav Maga

Domestic violence, for some women (and men), is an ever-present threat. Krav Maga, an Israeli self-defense system that teaches useful tactics to prevent oneself from danger, is allowing women to stand up against domestic violence.  For all people – male or female, young or old – Krav Maga is a exercise routine that works out the body, mind and spirit. It not only builds muscle, but also confidence. It not only enhances athleticism, but also instinct. Krav Maga is a composition of useful self defense techniques that should be learned by all. However, it has a powerful and particular usefulness for women in threatened positions.

It is no secret that in many situations women are smaller than men. And while women can be quite strong, attackers tend to pray on those who “look weak” or “act feeble.” For many women, if a man’s hand is wrapped around her neck, grip tightening, there are two reactions: freeze out of fear, or weakening attempts to kick and scream. Krav Maga teaches a series of moves in which a woman can free herself from a dangerous situation no matter what the size difference in the two people are.

The defense tactics taught in New York Krav Maga courses give women not only the physical moves needed to ward off an attack, but also the awareness and confidence to do so. Domestic violence is often a situation of domination, by which one partner feels the need to dominate another. While physical violence is not the only method of partner domination, it is unfortunately common. Leaving the abuse, or calling the police, is not always an option. Although Krav Maga teaches violence, it’s goal is to end it. Krav Maga techniques allow women to feel safe at home and on a dark, scary street.

Sure, women can try to fight back. However, if her physical strength is not equal to or better than that of her partner, these attempts are futile. Krav Maga lessons in New York will teach methods that temporarily disable, or ward off, an attacker, giving the woman a chance to flee. Unfortunately, women feel like the more vulnerable gender, both physically and emotionally. Krav Maga training gives women a voice to stand up for themselves against a spouse or other attacker.

Training in Krav Maga is powerful. In builds confidence by training the body and mind to react appropriately to instinct and defend against threats. If you are able to react appropriately to a situation physically and mentally, it has the ability to save lives.

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